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Broadcast permission

I undersigned, declare that I am authorized with no reserves and/or restrictions to dispose with rights for television broadcast of the artwork/s as described above. I hereby permit this artwork/s to be broadcast in TV program via satellites, terrestrial networks, cable, ADSL, Internet and other networks and to be presented in exhibitions, festivals, web presentations and other forms of presentation in the frame of the project ART TELEVISION. This Permission is a guarantee against any claims that can be made for broadcast of the herein granted video material/work and is a declaration that no royalties are to be paid to any person or institution related to this work for the broadcast, rebroadcast and presentation in the frame of this project. These rights are not exclusive and they are granted free of charge for unlimited number of transmissions. Work/s as described above may be withdrawn from the selection upon author’s written request in any time. If my artwork is selected for sale via ART TELEVISION, I will receive for approval a form containing legal and financial terms of sale and, if I accept them, I will confirm it by my signature prior to the sale.

The information, text, audio, video and images (known collectively as the "Content") are protected by copyright laws under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, as amended 2003.

The images, names, trademarks and logo's identifying Art Television or any third parties are proprietary marks of the Art Television or such third parties and may not be reproduced without their prior written permission. Anyone re-publishing material from Art Television website will be liable for any resulting infringement of copyright.

All rights to the Content remain the copyright of the original authors. The digitized files are produced and selected for inclusion by Art Television curators, under a license with the original authors and are therefore © Art Television. Art Television reserves all rights to host and distribute these materials exclusively for non-commercial and educational purposes.

Permitted use:
Copyright laws apply to the entire Content of the archive. You may access and download the Content and store a copy on a temporary basis for the sole purpose of viewing the Content without alteration or addition. You may print Content (other than third party copyright) provided that such reproduction will be used for your own personal, educational or for non-commercial research purposes only. However users of the archive are obliged to date and credit the artist / speaker, Art Television and any associated partners as indicated for individual events.

Non-Permitted use:
No content may be permanently copied or reproduced whatsoever, including without limitation, the extraction and/or storage in any retrieval system, or inclusion in any other computer program, website or stored in or transmitted to or from any other electronic, digital form either in whole or in part, without the express written permission of the copyright holder.

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