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Donate - take part in the history of contemporary art!

By donating you can become participant in a major ongoing art movement!

Donate to finance a dream: the creation of the internationally recognized art movement "StreetVideoArt", regrouping "on-line" artists and videographers from around the world and broadcasting their videos in public areas of the greatest cities of the world via the art channel "Art TV" ( and Internet.

In order to share together this great Art adventure, we invite you to send your euro/s via Pay Pal and add your name to the list of participants or supporters of our new movement which will remain registered and published on the Web!

Download your invitation: 04-19 October, StreetVideoArt workshop: "Walk your Telly"; 20 October - 08 November 2012 / Exhibition in Larcade Gallery,Paris

January / February 2013 - StreetVideoArt in Sceaux

March 2013 / StreetVideoArt in Gallery White Project, Paris

Follow the development of "StreetVideoArt" on

Vous pouvez devenir acteur d’un mouvement artistique actuel de grande ampleur!

Faites un don pour financer un rêve: la création du mouvement artistique «StreetVideoArt», internationalement reconnu, qui rassemble des "on-line" artistes, vidéastes du monde entier et diffuse leur vidéos dans l’espace publique, ceci dans les plus grandes villes du monde, par le biais de la télévision « Art TV » ( et Internet.

Pour partager ensemble cette formidable aventure artistique, nous vous invitons à envoyer votre euro/s via Pay Pal et à vous inscrire sur la liste des acteurs de notre nouveau mouvement qui sera toujours enregistrée et publiée sur Internet!

Télécharger votre invitation: 04-19 Octobre, StreetVideoArt workshop "Baladez vot’télé"; 20 Octobre - 08 Novembre 2012 / Exposition à Larcade Gallery,Paris

Janvier - Février 2013 / StreetVideoArt dans la Ville de Sceaux

Mars 2013 / StreetVideoArt à la Galerie White Project,Paris

Suivez le développement de StreetVideoArt » sur

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Art Television is an international TV and web platform, fully dedicated to contemporary art, video art, art exhibitions and events, emerging art and new technologies and ideas in art.

It is difficult for an artist to bring his work into the public eye, to show his art worldwide. To help bridge this gap we looked in depth at how we could help artists find their audiences. This resulted in the creation of Art Television.

Art Television is a self-financing project. To ensure its pure art status and high quality production standards, we have invested years of work and research. This enables Art Television to provide global visibility through TV broadcasting.

We need your support to:

  • cover the costs of international art movement and action "StreeTVideOart",
  • cover the costs of international transmission and presentation of works and art projects through our network,
  • ensure a consistently high artistic value and ever-widening visibility of Art Television,
  • present contemporary art, exhibitions, video artwork and professional presentations and create artistic projects,
  • maintain servers and expand our broadcasting via Internet, satellite, cable and ADSL operators so we can reach a broader audience.

    Please consider supporting us. You can choose how to support our project with a greater or lesser amount, on a monthly or annual basis. If you are unable to support us financially, that's OK, too. Support us with your good will or your artwork, or simply continue watching us!

    We will do everything to preserve the high quality of our content and network.

    Become a part of this unique experience by supporting us.

    By supporting us you are sharing your information with Art Television Ltd via secured online process by PayPal. We do not sell or trade your information to anyone. Depending of regulations in your country this amount can be the subject of tax deductibility. For more information or for suggestions please write to:

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