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STREETVIDEOART / Gallery WHITE PROJECT "Utopie Distribuée"

24 rue Saint Claude 75003 Paris / 09 March - 27 April 2013 Workshop 09 - 22 March / Verissage 23 March

Arlen Schumer/ Alain Longuet/ Alejandro Cerón / Barton Lewis / Michael Peterson / Kye Wilson / Russell Chartier/ Silvia Toy / Martin McGill / Rogier Dirkx/ Toby Kaufmann-Buhler / Tahir Un / Jessye Mc Dowell / Marcantonio Lunardi / Yannick Verdier Monsegur / Linda See / Rohan Graeffly / Keaton Fox / Geogette Soh / Sije Kingma / Lotta-Pia Kallio / Mariel Sanhueza / Johana Hartwig / Jerome Bouchez / Stefano Giannoti / Sally Grizzell Larson / Sam Spreckley / Ian Henderson / Ezra Wube / SB / bARuT / zerOposition ...

Soirée spéciale "STREETVIDEOART à Sceaux" -20:00, le mercredi 6 février 2013 au cinéma Trianon

StreetVideoArt Workshop "Walk your Telly" / 04 - 19 October 2012

Exhibition Larcade Gallery, Paris / 20 October - 08 November 2012

STEETVIDEOART in Sceaux / 24, 25, 26 January / 6 February 2013

STEETVIDEOART in Gallery White Project, Paris / March - April 2013


StreetVideoArt is an art action on an international scale consisting of a number presentations of an emerging video art in an urban context, in a public space.

"Unexpected, daring, provocative exhibitions of video art, taking place at secret and surprising places in Paris... will mark the beginning of the movement that will undoubtedly last long in all the big cities of the world." – author of the concept Milan Atanaskovic, March 2012

"This artistic movement regroups artists who have traded their aerosol and marker paintings for the information flow of video images as a way of leaving their footprints in urban spaces..." - Sophie Lavaud

Art Television is an innovative concept in visual arts, new form of television, global media, unexpected and provocative art experience on air - an artwork in itself.

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Art Channel is our satellite TV program broadcasting from February 2005 till February 2010 via Eutelsat W2 satellite.

Please find details about Art Channel in our archive.

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